Sahar Ghoreishi Biography

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Sahar Ghoreishizadeh is an Persian actress, born on January 27, 1987 in Tehran. She began her career performing a role in the TV series Delnavazan, and she rose to fame among Iranians by starring in multiple high revenue movies such as Laj-o-Laj Bazi. Our sources show that she has a diploma, whether she has continued her education or not, little information is available. Sahar Ghoreishi’s mother is Neda Afshar, who encouraged her to pursue in the field of art. She grew up in a small family and is the only daughter in the family. She has a brother named Sepehr Qureshi who has a very close and friendly relationship with Sahar.


Sahar Ghoreishi’s Divorce

She married Mehran Akhavan Zakeri in 1984, and after living together for several years, she divorced him in 1988 and lives with her mother and brother. The reason for her divorce is not clear yet but she has always stated that her husband always called her fat, so that’s why she cares so much about her figure and wears “model figure” clothes.

Sahar Ghoreishi has said that I am from a diet and diet because I have an obesity gene from my parents. her height is 161 and she weighs 58 kg, and according to her, she is very worried about gaining weight and is always careful and exercises. As a results of all that, many social networks have claimed that Sahar Ghoreishi operated on her nose, injected lip gel and applied cheeks, but she herself has denied everything. Of course, it is natural for celebrities to have such issues

According to Sahar, there is no pleasure higher than food and she has a great interest in food. In Sahar Ghoreishi’s Instagram pictures, it is clear that she loves all kinds of famous Iranian kebabs, such as kebab koobideh and chicken Joojeh kebab.


Sahar Ghoreishi talks about her divorce


Sahar Ghoreishi appeared on the Night Vision program performed by Reza Rashidpour, who was asked how she was divorced. For the first time on the show, she spoke fully about her divorce and denied her ex-husband’s claims.


Sahar Ghoreishi said that we got married at the age of 17 in 2005 and my first divorce application was before I started acting and in 2006. My mother was in England at the time and my father was living in the United States. After I became an actor and became famous, my ex-husband’s family stole my phone and answered it.


They introduced themselves as my program manager and rejected several job offers. Then they did a whole weird interview. No one escapes happiness and I was not really happy. My ex-husband and I lived for 3 years.


For this reason, I am very opposed to getting married at a young age now, and I advise all my friends not to get married at a young age. As I got older, my point of view changed, and contrary to what was said, I became a joker after I became famous. The truth was that I grew up, not a joker! After the separation from my ex-husband, my mother returned from England and we live together.


Sahar Ghoreishi and Amir Tataloo

Amir Tataloo and Sahar Qureshi have shared a live on Instagram where two people stand together and announce their marriage. And margins have been created for Sahar Qureshi. Sahar Qureshi will reportedly be banned from filming and will leave the world of acting. Of course, Sahar Qureshi has not yet discovered the hijab and hopes to remain in the cinema.

The Stories Circulating around Two Lovers

Sahar Ghoreishi, an actress who has been associated with a lot of fringes since entering the world of acting, continues her rude behavior, from her relationship with Mehdi Taremi to her engagement to a singer named Omid Oloumi and her controversial comments every day. Trend has become the media, but looking at the recent activities of the gambling network to attract the audience, we conclude that fake relationships are one of their tricks to attract the audience.

Her relationships have proven to be temporary in the past and are often fake, which are natural for these celebrities with the thirst to attract followers. However now with the news of their marriage to one of the most controversial figures (Amir Tataloo) in social media, who also has a lot of fans, it has been attracting attention again for a few months. You see, the situation is evolving in the same way that the gambling network used to attract people to the pages of people who were gambling.

Their Marriage

Their marriage was all rumours until, It was only last week that both couple announced their marriage on youtube live video (placed on top), on Amir’s official youtube channel. In the video, Amir Tataloo is joined by Sahar wearing a head scarf with a Tatoo on her wrist. It’s now crystal clear that Sahar has totally chosen a different path in her life, since Tattoo’s are forbidden in Iranian Cinema. Again this makes the gambling rumours close to reality as that would be the only source of income she can manage to get.

Sahar is not the only actor who has decided to quit acting and start a different career outside of Iran.  Other actress such as Ramtin Kebriti (joined GEM TV ), Reyhaneh Parsa (immigrated to turkey and started gambling site) and Sadaf Taherian who left Iran for turkey in order to become a model.



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