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Wood CNC is a conventional CNC machine used with a set of drills and milling tools to engrave wood. CNC machines are an advanced generation of old cutting machines, which has the ability to control the cutting operation by computer. The desired part is designed in the computer and sent to the device. Based on mathematical and geometric calculations, the arm of the machine moves the cutting or engraving head along the desired shape. In fact, shapes are drawn as mathematical vectors on wood.

CNC wood is a widely used machine in today’s industries. Advanced Powercom device, with strong training, service and service is the best option for you. This machine has the ability to work on various types of MDF in the market for various industries, including seismic, door construction, shelf manufacturing, and a variety of new PVC products.

Price of wood CNC machine


The price of a wood CNC machine varies depending on the uses it has. The cost of the machine is in many cases the most important factor for many CNC machine buyers. You may have a limited budget to buy a CNC, but be careful not to sacrifice everything for the price. Many tools buy the lowest price CNC wood machine without considering the specifications of the machine and the materials used and even without considering their orders, which will later be repurchased for a more efficient device.


The price of a CNC machine depends on several factors. Dimensions of the workbench, type of workbench, spindle power, accessories, cutting and milling tool kit with the machine and etc.… are among the most important factors affecting the price of the machine. To make the right choice, be sure to consult with our experts before buying and take advantage of our face-to-face consultation session.

Quality wood CNC machine


The main factors in the quality of the wood CNC machine are the quality of the main parts such as the spindle and its cutting tool and control board. In terms of device efficiency and rate of return on investment, it is far more important than price. Wood CNC machine is an expensive machine. Maybe a few thousand dollars should be spent to buy it. The important thing is that by relying on the capabilities of this device, your business will be formed. So before checking the price of the device, first check the most important factors.


The type of orders, the volume of orders, the type of wood used in cutting and the type of cutting used, are among the most important things that you should check to buy a CNC to choose the best option for you.

The quality of CNC wood has a direct effect on the final product. If you do not want to argue with the customer about the consequences of the work, it is better to buy a device that suits your work, although a little more expensive.


 Variety of prices


Imagine sellers announcing the price of a particular model of CNC wood below the market rate. Due to the competitive price of the devices, almost all sellers have the same price. The price difference is in the difference in hardware or software or the scope of after-sales service. The first two do not make much difference. But after-sales service, as important as it is, has a greater impact on the final price of the sales invoice.


The device has a very reasonable price among its peers without warranty and after-sales service. But after working in a short period of time, its repair and maintenance costs are higher than the cost price of the CNC machine. Officially, this CNC wood is of no use to you.


Instead of buying a new device, buy a second-hand device to save money. Surely, in the first technical problem of the device, you realize that none of the main parts of your device are available in the market and you have to buy a new device.


Of course, keep in mind that you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy an advanced device that you may not use some of the features of those years. We mean buying a good CNC machine at a reasonable price that meets your needs.

Application of wood CNC


Wood CNC machines are divided into two categories: “laser cutting” and “engraving”. Precise and very narrow cuts are the result of using CNC lasers. These devices are divided into 3 groups. :

A: CNC desktop laser wood:


A small machine used to make a variety of wooden boxes and small items and promotional gifts. They usually have between 80 and 90 watts of laser tube power. This wood CNC uses a CO2 laser. The device has a special cabin that prevents the emission of cutting smoke or the reflection of the laser beam during operation.

B: CNC laser wood cabinet:


It is made in larger dimensions than the previous group. The dimensions of this group between 60 × 90 to 90 × 130 cm usually have a 90 to 100 watt tube. Has the ability to cut and engrave wood, MDF and plastic. These devices also have a special cabin that must be closed during operation.

A: CNC flat laser wood:


It is a typical CNC machine that uses a laser for cutting instead of cutting. Using a high power laser is another difference between the machine and other CNCs. These types of CNC typically have lasers with a power of 40 to 400 watts. According to the IEC classification for laser equipment, they are in class 4 and are very dangerous, so it is very important to pay attention to the manufacturing standards of the device and how to use it.

 CNC milling wood


The most important part of making furniture is tooling and inlaying its various parts. One of the ideal machines for a furniture workshop is CNC woodworking. This machine is capable of drilling, grooving and milling. It also has a complete set of drills, milling and cutting blades that can operate horizontally or vertically.

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