Is woodworking profitable?

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If you read my previous articles you already know my love for woodwork designs and carpentry. Good thing is that I am not the only one who loves carpentry as it’s a lucrative business with many large companies in the world doing it and making a good profit of it.

In the past this business was dependent on labor which caused a lot of difficulties for the company but now it has become much easier with the help of machines. Big companies have invested in this industry.۔

Wood is one of the most important necessities of human life and instead of wasting it we can make various useful things from it. Such as a boat, door, window, drawer, cupboard, table, sofa, furniture, chair. As they say the beauty of all things is through wood.

Once upon a time wood was mostly used for burning and cooking, which was consumed after the need was met. Now wood is preserved for years in the form of furniture and equipment. Good thing about woodwork is that it meets the needs of the home as well as the office.

Imports and exports from reputable companies have increased since the CNC router table, have steped the game. because a machine that saves time, which used to be done in months, is now done in days, on time in a job. Working is the key to success.

If you want to run a wood craft business and your budget is low, don’t worry you can still do this business, as long has you have the required skills and talent. However its very important that you research before you start any business, otherwise you will fail and lose money. Basically you need to have complete information about any business before starting. So first research it for at least a few months and then decide.


How much does a timber business cost?

It’s up to you what kind of business margine you want. If you are keen to do small scale wood work, then you can do it with just $150 (basic tools) but you also have to rent a CNC machine ($50 per month). However if your budget is high ($35,000+) then you can start big and run a propper carpentry, this way have more job opportunities too.

Practice is essential in this work. Do not try anything new until you become a good craftsman because in that case you may lose money. I Believe investing in the beginning of any business requires a lot of caution and research. With hard work all the problems are solved .

The easiest solution is to work in a company before starting your own business and learn it step by step.  You could also take carpentry courses and when you have completed it then open your own workshop.

In addition to working for another company you also get the required experience for this profession for free along with the salary which is useful for your future business life. After that your confidence will continue to grow and you will be able to perform well.

It is important to pay attention to theory as well as practicals. Trust me on this it will be very useful to study the literature that is not available in practicall sessions. So buy books on this subject so that you can have ease in the future and you can achieve your goal. I strongly recommend you to read “Learn to Timber Frame” and  “Woodworking: The Complete Step-by-Step Manual” . It did help me a lot in this feild


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