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In today’s world where everything is hugely impacted by advertisements, it is required for all industrial business to have some sort of advertisement for their business. This is why industrial advertising (IA) has become really popular as it promotes services and products to companies that will use them in their business. IA may refer to advertising directed at manufacturers buying underdone equipment or materials or used in their manufacturing process, or it may refer to business-to-business (B2B) advertising in general. For this job you typically need a banner, CNC and laser cutter machine, costing you a total of $150,000 (on average).

What is a banner machine?

The banner machine is a very large and wide printer. Images printed with this device due to its large size; it is used for outdoor environment and urban information. For this reason, it is also called outdoor printing machine. This machine is used for printing on banners, flex, stickers and meshes. The print quality of the banner machine is adjustable. If you look closely at the printed image, you can distinguish the spray points of the paint. But because these banners are usually mounted at a height; they offer acceptable print quality. The printing limit of this device depends on its width. The device has no longitudinal restrictions. The printing width of banner machines is 150-180-220-250-320-500 cm.

Print quality of banner machine

Many factors affect the print quality of the banner machine and certainly its price. The most important factor is the type of head used and their number. The head is the main point of printing the machine which is the place where the printing ink is sprayed on the print media. The quality of the head in terms of brand and other factors also has a great impact on print quality. It also affects the printing speed of the machine. Common print heads in the Iranian market include Zar, Konica, Spectra, Seiko, Epson. These heads have their own categories. Like the Konica 512 head and the Konica 1024 head.


The next important factor is the features installed on the banner device. These features are sometimes software. Such as easy user interface, image quality enhancer and ink spraying capability. Sometimes they are hardware. For example, in new printing machines, it is possible to save the amount of colour spraying. Without losing quality each time you print, you save a small amount of ink consumption.

What is a CNC machine?

The first generation of CNCs were NCs. NCs did not have a computer, and the machine understood the instructions according to a certain logic. One method of programming these machines was the punch card. Using the punch card, the machine performed the desired command. Each punch had a specific meaning for the machine. The operator had to create the punch manually for the first time. The preparation of these punches was very sensitive and time consuming. After preparing the punch, it was necessary to produce a piece with this punch once as a test to determine its possible defects.


Since the advent of CNC, all traditional and manual methods and even NCs have quickly become obsolete. The CNC machine performs the necessary calculations quickly with a computer file and is ready for cutting. This file contains the image of the required part and is understandable for the CNC machine. From now on, the central computer takes over the task of controlling the various parts to create the final shape on the cutting piece.

Automated CNC machine


A CNC machine is actually a simple manual cutting and milling machine. Computer motion control is the reason for its high accuracy and automatic execution of tasks. In this device, the presence of the operator is limited to standing behind the control section. The motion pattern is given to the controller by a specially designed file. The machine automatically repeats the cropping image as many times as necessary.


The body of this device is almost similar to handheld devices. There are different types of CNC machine, including CNC stone, metal, fabric, paper, leather, sheet and non-metal types.

Different types of CNC machines!


There are many types of CNC machines. The most famous of these are the laser CNC machine and the CNC milling machine. CNC laser machines are divided into two categories: CNC metals and CNC non-metals. The laser used in it distinguishes between metal and non-metal types.

Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine has found a wide range of applications in the manufacturing and parts manufacturing industry. A variety of auto parts, instrumentation, military equipment, leather and clothing, manufacturing, wood and decor, stone industry and many more are among the items that are widely used in laser cutting machine. Depending on whether we need cutting or we intend to engrave a special pattern, laser cutting and engraving machine can be used. Laser cutting machines are divided into two groups: metallic and non-metallic. Each device is produced with different power (watts) and capabilities. Some are optimized for engraving and some do the cutting well. In any case, by replacing the laser tube of the device, the use of engraving and cutting can be easily changed.

Laser cutting machine in the industry

In the manufacturing industry, cutting operations are an important part of the work process. The laser cutting machine is very important for the production of engineering parts by making very precise cuts. This machine provides a perfect and accurate cut using a computer controller for cutting routing. Ease of work, cutting quality, no need to process the part before and after cutting, are all advantages of laser cutting. The absence of corroded edges in the cut parts eliminates the need for processing, sanding and scraping.

For this reason, mechanical and manual cuts have quickly given way to laser cutting machines. From the beginning to the end of the cutting operation, the laser shines continuously and uniformly, which finally performs the cutting operation uniformly and accurately. In addition, the laser beam has a very small diameter and can make better use of the raw material and reduce the distance.

Buy a laser cutting machine


To buy a laser cutting machine, you should choose your machine according to your needs and the type of orders. For laser cutting, you need to buy a more powerful device with a high wattage. And for laser engraving, it is better to use a laser with less power. In order to better review the ideal device for yourself, check the following items »


  •      Dimensions of the workbench: A larger workbench takes up more space in your workshop but can also cut large pieces. Also, the raw material can be placed on the machine with larger dimensions and material change intervals can be reduced.
  •      Laser tube power: As mentioned, a stronger laser is needed for cutting. But for engraving, a weaker laser must be used.
  •     Fixed table or electric table: Electric table has many advantages, including adjusting the distance of the cutting material with the head, automatic rotation of the material on the table and ability to use different thicknesses of cutting materials
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