The new CNC router machine

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Introducing the typewriter or CNC router machine


The typewriter or CNC router machine will be able to produce all kinds of CNC router letters with special speed and delicacy by using powerful engines and professional software. In fact, the CNC router machine will be an advanced tool needed for any center of the CNC router machine.


The CNC router machine can quickly cut and bend the CNC router by taking a file from the computer and prepare your orders at a high speed.


CNC router bending machine is also a complementary machine that is used to make and produce CNC router letters. There are channel letters in the word CNC router. It is bent around the letters and assembled by a laser-cut plexiglass to obtain the shape of the letters. The CNC router machine can work on letters 7, 9 and 11 cm.

How the CNC router device works

This machine performs bending operations related to the edges of CNC router along with cutting the necessary parts. In this way, the places where it should be bent are bent, and the places that should be bent 45 degrees or vertically, the line is measured to form the assembly of the work based on the line.


This machine has several different motors, including rotary motor, cutting motor and rollers that do the work of bending. The operation of the device is very important and the role of the operator in this process is very important.


Before starting work, the operator must calibrate the laser with CNC router letters through the relevant software. This will take 10 minutes, but if not done, the Plexiglas cut with CNC router letters will have a 2 to 3 mm error. And this shows itself in the performance. This device is error-free on Persian fonts and supports even Nasta’liq without any restrictions. Receiving orders was also done from Corel software. This device has very powerful software that all capabilities are available in the software. This device can be used with all types of CNC router materials available in the market. You just have to pay attention to the size and quality of the edges. It also has a holding jack that can be placed on the device before the material is attached to it.


Specifications of CNC router typewriter


  •     Ability to make all kinds of CNC router and aluminum letters
  •     Ability to work with different types of CNC router available in the Iranian market
  •     Maximum height of the edge of the letters is 135 mm
  •     CNC router letter maker equipped with special software for very high accuracy of making CNC router letters
  •     Construction speed of 400 meters of CNC router edge per day
  •     Making CNC router letters from 0.2 to 1.5 mm sheet diameter


The device has the ability to optimize its performance if it detects a point on the work surface that is brittle or not strong enough, although it can also do this automatically by preset Is starting to work).

High accuracy – high efficiency

The bending and cutting accuracy of this device is completely consistent with the sizes given in the software and its execution error percentage is very low.


This device has the ability to automatically slow down while working when it reaches the corners of the lines with the edges of the arches. The user can increase the safety of work by selecting, emergency stop and step by step stop.

Capabilities :

1- For precise adjustment of the blade length, there is no need to repeatedly adjust the blade manually. We will achieve the desired adjustment only by bending once.

2- It is possible for a large number of programs to be open at the same time in order to minimize the time.

3- Excellent detection power, regardless of the number of cuts and bends you make, this machine has a minimum of Chelnium roll throw. And it is quite economical in terms of consuming chelenium roll

4- Possibility of quick replacement of cutting and bending tools, no need to use special tools, it only takes one minute and can be done with manpower

5- The unique design of the device has made even a non-specialist person able to maintain the device. The device does not require a professional user to work with the computer. Of course, the device itself is designed to minimize operator errors.

Zaaghi Overall Rating:

Zaaghi experts gave this machine 4*.

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