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1 To 50 game was one of the first generation games used in Tesla cars. It’s basically a 2D simple memory and IQ game that tests your mind awareness and eventually develops your mind over the time. It’s perfect exercise game for your mind to keep it active and possible prevents you from developing various mental diseases. Simply click on “Start” and test your mind.Touching from 1 to 50 as fast as you can.

Tesla unveiled new versions of its X and S models. The company announced that both of these machines will be supplied with gaming-capable hardware. They are meant to be capable of processing more than 10 teraflops, which this option totally turns a car into a game console in a parking lot or at charging station. Even though Tesla has banned gaming while driving but this feature can still be applicable when you’re not driving ( I could definitely use that when waiting outside for my wife or kids)

Prices for these two models start at whooping $ 80,000 and will be launched in March. All of these machines come with Tesla Arcade hardware. This feature is an in-car gaming system that is also present in current Tesla models. But the difference between the new machines and the previous version is the hardware. While older systems were capable of running low-graphics games such as Memory IQ games (shown on top), Cuphead or Cat Quest, the newer version is capable of running The Witcher 3, Sonic on its 17-inch screen. This is a big step for playing in the car.


Gaming power close to PlayStation 5

We don’t know the exact gaming power of the system used inside these models but the catalogue says that this system has the power to process more than 10 braflops. But this does not mean that the gaming power is equal to the systems used inside of the PlayStation 5. This is because the PlayStation 5 has the ability to run on 10.28 teraflops. Other parts of the hardware should be specified, but Tesla did not provide any details about the exact hardware specifications. It is not at all clear whether Nvidia or Imedi GPUs are used, or whether Tesla’s proprietary processor is used at all. It should also be noted that although Witcher 3 is a very good game, but this game is very old with low graphics (older generation gaming). But according to the theory, Tesla’s new systems are capable of running games with good graphics on their machines.

There is little information about this system on the Tesla website in the car interior design section. The Tesla Arcade supports wireless controllers and can be used in any seat. These cars have two plates; one is the main and the other is between the two front seats for people in the back seat. These two screens can be used to play. You probably cannot run this game on the home screen with a resolution of 2200 × 1300 for security reasons while driving.

Elon Musk announced on Twitter on January 22:

    “Want to play Witcher on your Tesla? You can now watch the series on Netflix in your car.”

Tesla owner Elon Musk has come up with the idea in the past, and it has been widely welcomed. Then, a few days later, the news began. Although not yet confirmed, the release of Witcher 3 indicates that CJD Project will bring the game to the Tesla Arcade system.

But there is a much better solution for you to play this game in your car at a much lower cost: “Nintendo Switch” This console even has red and blue colors that match these colors with today’s sports cars. So if you’re not fan of Tesla cars you can simply buy this system for $850 and install it on your car. Tesla has banned playing games while driving on their cars so there is no difference between gaming in tesla and your car. However this would be great feature for your kids to keep them busy so they can’t distract you while you’re driving.

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