How I Got Rid of My Back Pain?

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If you are suffering from acute lower back pain and are not able to accomplish what you want, you are not alone. Lower back pain is the most common reason for doctor visits, impacting many adults at some point in their life. It is the most prevalent medical condition worldwide. Back pain is also a source of impairment, according to the GBD study, which was produced in the medical magazine- The Lancet.

Lower back discomfort may be impossible to avoid, especially as you age and your back loses some of its power and resiliency. I was suffering from the same for a long time. Luckily, regardless of the reason for such pain, I found numerous strategies to get rid of back pain. Here, I will share my experience of how I got rid of my back pain.

Bad Habits That Aggravated My Back Pain

Several reasons caused my back pain. One of them is a lack of abdominal workouts. Exercises like walking, swimming, and cycling were not included in my daily schedule. All these help to build a stronger core and improve posture. Not doing these resulted in swelling and muscle strain. For a less strained lower back, I started standing with knees bent and one foot in front of another. Also, when sitting, I kept my hips above my knees.

After suffering from back pain, I got to know the following reasons for my back pain.

Poor Posture: Poor posture strain muscles and spine whether you are standing up or remain seated. This led to more back issues by changing the form of my spine.

Obese: Obesity causes your centre of gravity to push forward, putting additional strain on your back. Having too much weight might exacerbate back problems.

Smoking: Nicotine reduces blood flow to your spinal discs, causing them to wear faster. No padding might cause significant back pain. Smoking lowers calcium absorption, increasing the risk of osteoporosis and back pain. A smoker’s cough might exacerbate back pain.

Vitamin D Deficiency: Back pain is caused by nutritional inadequacies such as calcium and vitamin D deficiency.

Remedies That Cured My Back Pain

Finally, my back pain got cured by following some remedies. Now I am going to share those remedies with you so that you don’t have to suffer like me. Knowing the remedies will assist you to get rid of back pain.

Alternate your Sitting Posture: Sitting at a computer or slumped over a smartphone for extended amounts of time can be detrimental to your back. When sitting, always ensure that your back is completely supported. I will suggest that you avoid leaning forward in your chair. As my office didn’t have one, I demanded a chair that provides suitable lumbar support. If corrective steps are not taken immediately, wrong sitting posture can result in strained ligaments and back and neck muscles. You can try the following easy exercises: bend your head back, forward and to the sides three times daily.

Hot and Cold Treatment: It is a well-known fact that using a hot pad or an ice pack alleviates symptoms of back pain. You may alternate between the two. If you experience particularly severe discomfort in the mornings, you can put a heated pad beneath the problematic area to stimulate blood flow to the area and alleviate muscle stiffness and soreness. This worked as a great remedy for me.

Massages: Massages are extremely beneficial for relieving back discomfort. The movements of calming rhythmic massage assist to relax the muscles, reduce stiffness, and stimulate the production of feel-good endorphins – natural pain relievers that cure your discomfort. Simply check that your massage therapist is properly qualified to avoid causing more harm than good. At least three times daily, I massaged the afflicted region with lavender essential oil. It assisted in the reduction of pain and muscular spasms. Additionally, peppermint oil, castor oil, and olive oil are useful.

Consume Healthy Food: Eat food containing more calcium and, if necessary, take supplements if you are lactose intolerant to prevent osteoporosis. Test for vitamin D insufficiency and begin a supplement regimen after consulting with your doctor if you are found to be insufficient. Vitamin B 12 helped lessen my back pain. Numerous vitamins have been discovered to be useful in reducing back pain and its symptoms. Vitamins C, D, and E have anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities. I included all these in my diet. Ensure that your diet also contains a sufficient amount of them.

Exercise Regularly: Exercises and, in certain cases, physiotherapy is required to alleviate back pain symptoms. Strength training, flexibility, and low-impact aerobics are the greatest activities for the back. By exercising at least twice or three times a week, you can cut your risk of back pain in half. Exercise helps to develop muscles, alleviates tension, and replenishes the body with feel-good endorphins. Pilates and yoga are widely regarded as being beneficial for back pain. Pilates routines include stretching, strengthening, and abdominal exercises that can assist you in overcoming back discomfort. Yoga poses such as Padahastasana and Anuloma Viloma are particularly beneficial.


While diagnosing the source of back pain might be challenging, there are numerous steps you can do to assist ease your discomfort or prevent it from worsening. I realized that it’s all about alleviating pressure, minimizing strain, safeguarding your spine, and strengthening your muscles. Changing my few everyday routines, helped me to keep my back pain away for an extended period of time and I’m sure it will help you too to get rid of back pain.

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