The treatment is done by natural means, combining water intake, the adoption of a physical exercise routine and the right diet. If you want to better understand how to rid your body of this problem, stay with us and enjoy this article!

What causes fluid retention?

Fluid retention in the body is a result of the accumulation of water that forms between fat cells due to changes in hormones, changes in blood pressure, sedentary lifestyle, use of medications and poor circulation. Despite reaching both genders, it is more frequent in women.

How does it affect your health?

The main effect of fluid retention is swelling, which is quickly noticed in the leg, waist and face area. In addition, it is common to result in symptoms such as high stress, intestinal discomfort and body aches. On a broader spectrum, it also ends up being an aggravating factor for cellulite.

What to eat to prevent fluid retention?

Fortunately, in most cases, the key to ending this problem lies in food. Check out how to avoid fluid retention without using medications

Prefer probiotic foods

Food probiotics are allies of your body for several reasons. They act mainly in the intestine, providing the bacterial flora of the well and ensuring that it works as well as possible. When this doesn’t happen, immunity can drop, affecting food processing.

With low immunity, foods like protein, for example, stop being digested and start to be fermented. The result of this is increased gas and bloating. Therefore, consume more probiotic yoghurts, which will help your body absorb nutrients and prevent bloating.

Opt for fruit with plenty of liquid

You may initially think that increasing your intake of water and foods that contain plenty of fluid will make your bloating problem worse. But, the truth is that the effect is just the opposite. If you want a way to avoid retention, consuming more fluid is the key.

Thus, your body forces itself to work to eliminate toxins and, consequently, the excess of ingested water, pure or in fruits. So, use and abuse options like pineapple, watermelon, melon, pear.

take diuretic teas

Any tea has a diuretic effect, as you consume water with it and, therefore, stimulate the kidneys. When your body produces urine, it is eliminating a huge amount of toxins and excess fluid in the body. In this process, there are some teas that are more stimulating than others. Therefore, give preference to:

  • hibiscus;
  • horsetail;
  • Green Tea;
  • ginger;
  • Ginkgo biloba.

Avoid canned, packaged and multi-processed

Salt is one of the main villains against health and one of the biggest aggravating factors in fluid retention. In canned, sausage and most multi-processed foods, there is a large amount of sodium that ends up in your body.

Therefore, if you eat a lot of processed foods, such as fast foods, for example, you may be sapping your body with this kind of “poison”. The solution is quite obvious: reduce as much as possible (or cut back on) your intake of these foods and replace them with more natural meals. Also, try to reduce the amount of salt in your recipes and increase the number of other seasonings.

Finally, don’t forget that if you’re looking for ways to avoid fluid retention, adopting an exercise routine can be very beneficial. Physical activities help to deflate the body in a fast and absolutely natural way. In addition, muscle contraction stimulates the elimination of fluids, whether through sweat or urine.