How To Tone Your Face With Facial Yoga

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The “skincare frenzy” has been gaining more and more followers in recent years, after all who doesn’t dream of skin free from blemishes and expression marks! RIGHT?

Especially during the pandemic period  with the continuous use of masks, procedures to improve or maintain a good appearance of facial skin should be intensified: facial masks, moisturizers, exfoliants or massages have become almost mandatory in our daily lifes.

This is the reason why so many people have started doing, “Facial Yoga”. The name may sound strange – even funny, but this practice promises to help a lot with wrinkles and expression marks; and best of all you can do it at home.

Facial yoga: an ancient oriental practice

It’s not just the diet that influences its beauty. If you think you can’t rejuvenate your skin with facial movements and massage techniques, you are FOOLED.

The Northwestern Feinberg Medical University, located in Chicago (USA), conducted a study with women and found that those who followed the massage plan correctly for 5 months, managed to improve the appearance of the skin in up to 3 years. WOW

The combination of self-massage procedures, expressions and manoeuvres strengthens the muscles of the face and releases the tension points, making the contour of the face more defined as time goes on. In other words the exercises will stretch and tighten your face skin.

Facial Yoga exercises can shape the face

The intention of working the face is the same for other parts of the body: over time, we lose lean mass and collagen, so we look for ways to delay this process, whether for aesthetics or for health.

With the “correct muscle activation” coming from Yoga, the muscles return to active and the skin is firmed, thus reducing pre-existing expression lines, marks and wrinkles. In addition, exercise allows for the elimination of toxins and the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Benefits of Facial Yoga

  • Strengthens the muscles of the face;
  • Improves blood circulation in the region;
  • Releases tension in the face and neck area;
  • Firms and strengthens the skin.

Watch out for muscle fatigue

We have 57 muscles between the face and neck that can be stimulated during exercise, however as with any other workout, the risk of muscle fatigue must be considered and properly avoided.

Each region of the face and muscle has a correct way to be stimulated by considering intensity, number of repetitions and sets. The wide range of movement options allows the practice to be equally beneficial for all skin types, providing constant stimulation for the complexion.

Tips for performing the movements correctly

  • If possible, do the exercises lying down – it’s more efficient and easier for those just starting out. Of course, some moves require you to be in another position, but if feasible do it lying down.
  • Clean your hands well before starting – we don’t want a dirty hand on your face!;
  • Have a daily routine – set aside a period of your day to devote only to the exercises, so you don’t forget to do them. It is important to have a frequency of at least 3 times a week to achieve results;
  • Never make sudden movements that pull or push the skin aggressively – this can accentuate wrinkles and hurt you;
  • Combine your facial exercises with cardiovascular ones for the best result.

Five facial Yoga moves for you to practice now!

We have separated for you five facial Yoga movements suggested by the speech therapist Alessandra Scavone.


Woman turning face left and right

Start looking forward. Turn your head to the right so that it is in line with your right shoulder, then tilt your head back. Hold for 6-8 seconds. Return your head to the normal position. Face your left shoulder with your head turned to the left. Tilt your head back and hold for 6-8 seconds. Repeat 3 times.


double chin

Woman from the front doing exercises with her hands in the double chin area.

Part A: Push your chin down over the tops of your fingers and support your elbow with your other hand, as if your gaze is directed downwards and your hand is lifting your face upwards. Hold for 3 deep breaths.

Part B: Next, using the tops of the fingers of both hands, gently tap the “double chin”, alternating between each hand, for 15 seconds.

Lips, mouth

Woman in front pouting with lips

Part A: Tilt your head back gently and “kiss” the sky 10 times. Make the kissing sound. So, relax your face and take a deep breath.

Part B: After exhaling, imagine you are blowing out a candle, pushing your lips outward slightly. Relax and do it twice more.

This will “fill in” and firm your lips. It’s also great for firming the mandibular line and neck.


Woman facing with hands over mouth and cheek.

Puff your cheeks and also your upper and lower lips, as if your mouth were full of water. Close your lips tightly, placing your hands over your lips so that when you start the exercise, you don’t wrinkle. Start breathing through your nose. Then start transferring the air from one side to the other. Do it for thirty seconds.



Woman from the front moving her eyes with her hand over her forehead.

Keep your head relaxed at the top of your spine and look at a spot in front of you. Place your entire hand on your forehead. Then, without moving your head, neck, or face, move your eyes to the right side, then back to the centre, then to the left.

Move your eyes back to the centre and look up to the ceiling and down to the floor. Carefully close your eyes for five seconds and repeat once more.

Now that you know a little better about this free ancient practice that promises to improve your skin’s appearance, let’s get started?

Facial Yoga can be combined with other procedures for even better results. The use of collagen-based supplementation proves to be very efficient. Beauty Simple is a product specially dedicated to the health of the skin, as it meets the three main protagonists of the best in the market beauty treatments: hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamin C.


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