Keeping a healthy and active lifestyle is very important for you, as it will give you positive reactions not only in the body but also mentally. If working out alone interferes with this process, finding someone to accompany you is a very promising solution to keep you motivated enough. I personally do my routine excercises with my wife and sometimes with one of my friends. It really helps me to stick to my daily and weekly workout.

Please don’t be shy calling that friend or even your family members to work out with you. You’ll never know they might be facing similar problem as you. Throughout the article I will talk about the benefits of training in pairs, as well as examples of suitable activities.

What are the main advantages of exercising in pairs?

Having a family member, another person close to you or even an acquaintance at the gym with similar goals at the time of training offers several benefits in terms of optimizing performance.  I have listed the benefits below.


The time we spend at the gym is not spent fully exercising. There’s the arrival, the stop in the locker room to change clothes and the breaks between sets. Can’t these small downtimes interfere with your motivation?

A companion during training makes each activity more interesting. If the conversation goes on without interfering with the performance of others, of course, the laughter and the cheerful atmosphere make the exercise go by in the blink of an eye. When you run out of energy, even your partner will be there to give you that extra strength! For example when I workout with my wife she always pushes me to do more and more which really motivates me and keeps me going.


It doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle mass or simply perform physical activity. In the gym, competitiveness always goes down well, increasing individual performance with each workout.

For example increasing the load on the squat to match your partner or running faster in more time on the treadmill, will cause you to burn more calories and reach your goal faster. All this is much easier achieve with an partner by your side, because you are trying to compete with your gym buddy! Both seek to improve every day, sometimes without even noticing it.

Execution assistance

Doing exercises in pairs also helps in practising them correctly and helping each other. Sharing the same device, it is common to need to change the weight constantly, and the presence of a company makes it very quick.

Checking the execution of the movements, measuring the time, counting repetitions and adding or removing loads are some of the tasks that the partnership can very well fulfil. Also another partner can assure your safety, incase of an accident.

What are the best exercises in pairs?

Not every bodybuilding activity requires equipment or dumbbells to be performed. Using only body weight can be very beneficial, especially if someone is there to help. Follow the articles and learn more from my own experience!

Abs Workout

To perform the proper movement of the abdominal muscle, one person holds the other or both of them curl their legs together, creating stability.

If it’s too easy, it’s worth reaching out and keeping it in line with your head by making the abdomen produce an even greater amount of force to go all the way up.


Known for being one of the most efficient activities in bodybuilding, as the squat gains a lot of stability when done in pairs.

Never forget to maintain the correct posture, grasp your partner’s hands and squat down, while preventing your knees from bending inward. Performing the exercise with only one leg is an excellent option to make it difficult!


Performing rowexercises: one of the two crouches down and stands firm. Meanwhile, the other one takes your hand and leans back, pulling repeatedly with only the strength promoted by the arms. Remember: the torso must always remain straight.

To prevent injuries, both need to have similar weights. Whoever holds it also develops the leg muscles and strengthens the core, which makes rowing a very effective fat burning activity.

With so many benefits to offer, pair exercises do, however demand basic attention. Each person must follow their individual goals and if there are distinctions in a certain aspect they all need to be respected so that both win! In other words if your gym buddy fails do not make fun of them, try to motivate them by giving them positive thoughts.

If you find this article please share it with your friends and family. You’ll never know they might read this and call you to be their gym buddy 🙂