Exercise and dieting may not be enough to stop weight gain

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A huge number of overweight individuals opt for dieting and in most cases, they don’t lose significant weight. In many cases those who manage to lose weight get back to their old weight after a while. So, what prevents people to stop weight gain and lose weight?

According to many experts, the presence of metabolic dysfunction is the main cause of this unpleasant situation and that’s why many diets can worsen the situation. Counting calories have proven to be a very inefficient method of losing weight. Calories from different foods have a different effect on the metabolism. As a result of this, people usually develop metabolic dysfunction. The same goes for starvation diets which leave the body without the crucial nutrients.

Taking less food and getting involved in physical activity won’t keep you safe from metabolic dysfunction. Exercise can’t be helpful if it is not practiced together with healthy eating. The fact is that walking increases calorie burning for up to three times compared to standing or sitting. However, in case you are following a diet that doesn’t include the most important nutrients, the effects will be lost.

It is crucial to understand that calories are different. People must avoid calories that are harmful to the metabolism like net carbs. All types of sugar and complex carbs (like white potatoes and processed foods) are bad.

The best idea is to radically reduce sugar intake. Even though our body burns sugar first, this process causes difficulties in the pancreas and leads to insulin issues. It turns out that intermittent fasting can accelerate the process of transition from burning carbs to burning fat making fat the main energy source. In order to lose weight, consume food in its natural form (if possible). This means that you can eat healthy fats too. On the other hand, stay away from processed sugar and foods and be physically active.

Proper Diet for Children that Practice Sports

Children that practice some kind of sports need a proper diet according to their training and sports regiments. Low intake of nutrients, vitamins and low energy can lead to poor results in sports activities.

Children have much different needs than the adults and they need lot more energy for training and for overall development. When puberty hits, girls and boys usually develop really fast, and this is the time when boys usually gain lots of muscle mass.

In order for the children to be healthy and to show good results in their physical activities they need to eat food that will give them more energy. Food full of proteins, minerals and carbohydrates could help a lot in their development. Children`s protein requirements are very much increased during adolescent years. The intake of proteins should be about one quarter of the total energy that is being consumed through food.

Intake of vitamin supplements is not that necessary if the child has a diet that involves eating various types of food that is full of nutrients. Food that has plenty of calcium, iron and zinc is very important especially in those years when the children are growing rapidly. Eating food that is full of fiber is also important as it provides lots of energy to the young organism. Example for this kind of food is the cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables, and whole grain breads.

Staying hydrated is also important in the teenage years, as the young organism requires lots of water. Soda drinks should be avoided as they contribute more towards getting fat instead of helping the muscles. Sugary drinks and foods can be harmful in many ways, and they can lead towards tooth decay among other things. The much better and healthier alternative would be drinking natural freshly squeezed juice.

Important Minerals for Healthy Body

In order for us to have a healthy body and healthy nervous system, we must take certain minerals on a regular basis. Having a good, balanced diet will help in that, so the body can function optimally. Minerals like iodine and iron are essential for proper mental development and we must make sure that we get enough of them.

Lack of iodine can lead to a mental impairment and is one of the major causes of cretinism in infants. That is why usually table salt is getting enriched with iodine, so these cases of cretinism would be decreased and prevented. If you have a high blood pressure and do not use table salt, then you must make sure that you eat a lot of fish and other seafood which is rich with iodine. Iodine can also be taken through consummation of green vegetables or by tablets.

Iron is another mineral essential for our health. It produces the substance called hemoglobin, which is a pigment found in our red blood cells. Hemoglobin transports the oxygen we inhale throughout the whole body. Lack of iron in your body can lead to anemia. Anemia is a serious problem associated with lack of proper psychomotor functioning and cognitive problems. If you often feel tired, irritable, forgetful or nervous, it is advisable to visit a doctor and make a blood test through which you will see whether you need more iron in your body.

Iron can be obtained through many food sources such as beef, pork, fish, egg yolk, spinach, cereals and dried fruits. Sometimes lack of iron can be treated by taking various iron supplements or taking injections. Important thing to pay attention on is that iron supplements often need to be taken for longer periods of time in order to fully restore the missing iron reserves in the human body.

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