My Experience of Choosing the Right Car Insurance

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If you intend to drive in the UK, you must have the appropriate car insurance. Vehicle insurance is mandatory in the United Kingdom and is one of several insurance policies that you need to purchase in the country.

Here, I have shared my overall experience of choosing the right insurance for my BMW X6 car. This guide will assist you by explaining everything you need to know.

Car Insurance: Highlights

Insurance is mandatory in UK. According to the law, you must insure all cars to at least third-party liability if you drive them or park them in public locations. This is true unless the vehicle has been declared ‘off the road,’ which can be done if it is not in use.

As a result, car insurance is a significant industry in the United Kingdom. Indeed, premiums totaled over £10 billion in 2021. This makes it one of the world’s largest automobile insurance marketplaces, and the UK has more car insurance companies than any other country in Europe. There are more than 200 vehicle insurance carriers in the United Kingdom.

The car insurance cost in the UK is determined by many factors, that includes:

  • Type of insurance.
  • Vehicle’s worth.
  • Driver’s age, background, and profile.
  • The purpose of the vehicle.

In 2021, the average cost of automobile insurance in the United Kingdom was £431 per year which is one of the highest rates in the European Union.

I reduced my annual automobile insurance premiums by:

  • Taking steps to mitigate the hazards associated with my car — like I installed sensors or an alarm to lessen the possibility of theft.
  • Purchased telematics (commonly known as ‘black box’) insurance, which involves the installation of a device in my car that monitors my driving behaviour. If you’re a safe driver, you may qualify for future rate reductions.
  • Opted for paying the annual total at once rather than going for monthly installments.

You can also increase your excess amount which you will be responsible for paying in the event of a claim. For instance, if you have a £100 excess and the claim is worth £500, the insurer will pay £400. While all insurers need an excess, you can increase it voluntarily to reduce your rate.

My Selected 4 Car Insurance Companies

1.     LV=

LV= car insurance offers some of the finest customer ratings in the business and a strong feature set, as indicated by their 5-star defaqto rating, but premiums appear to be mid-market.

In general, policies purchased directly from LV= have a slew of excellent features. For instance, comprehensive plans include coverage for windscreen repair, personal injury, stereo repair, and travel to Europe. But, one thing which I didn’t like is that the cost of policy renewal is a bit high. They also charge a cancellation fee in case you cancel the policy. So, you have to incur a cost there too. Otherwise, LV= is an excellent alternative to consider, having topped as the most economical car insurance firms.

At night, my car is kept in a locked garage. As, I use it only for commuting purposes, the chances of getting damaged are very negligible. So, the features like breakdown or personal injury, motor protection or key cover aren’t applicable for me. Moreover, I was looking for the cheapest quotation. Therefore, I didn’t choose LV= for my BMW car insurance.


2.     Direct Line

If you want to insure your car with a reputable insurer, Direct Line is a good choice—it is the third-largest auto insurer in the United Kingdom, after Admiral and AXA.

A Direct Line is a car insurance policy that includes a number of beneficial features like recovery of your car and transportation following an accident if your car is not roadworthy, a lengthy 5-year warranty on approved repairs, windscreen cover and a courtesy car following an insured event (e.g., damage, theft, write-off),

Direct Line also offers certain unique benefits not found elsewhere, such as £10 each day until the job is completed if their authorized repairers are unable to repair your damaged automobile within seven days, up to £70.

3.     Aviva

Personal belongings coverage is slightly less than average, courtesy car coverage is an additional cost, and the key coverage is a bit confusing (in the event of lost or stolen keys or fobs, they’ll cover replacement locks, transmitters, central locking interface, and affected alarm and/or immobilizer components). However, there is no mention of paying for a replacement key (if that is all required).

Accommodation cover in the event of being stranded following an insured accident is likewise somewhat limited (£150 maximum), but they do offer a fairly comprehensive range of features. Customer feedback reveals a few issues with renewal and claims price increases.

Aviva is a less expensive alternative for auto insurance—but the lower price implies a lower level of service and coverage. For this particular con, I decided not to take this for my BMW X6 car.

4.     Diamond Automobile Insurance

Diamond, a brand of the Admiral Group (one of the major car insurance firms in the United Kingdom), is geared toward female drivers and cautious drivers.

Comprehensive insurance purchased directly from Diamond includes a courtesy car, windscreen repair, rescue from an accident when your car is unable to be driven, stereo cover and coverage throughout Europe. For an additional fee, those seeking options such as breakdown coverage, motor legal protection, or premium hire car coverage (a courtesy car if your vehicle is stolen) can add these.


Insurance Company That I Selected for My Car

According to me and my research about car insurance companies, I chose Direct Line as the best option for my BMW X6 car. My car was not modified. They provide standard modifications for cars that attracted me. The cancellation fee is also reasonable. Direct Line offers a high level of coverage and service.

As I mentioned above, it covers car recovery after accidents and many other benefits too. After purchasing their policy, I am stress-free from all insurance-related issues. I recommend you to take this policy if you want attractive features at an affordable cost.


Steps to Make a Claim to Your Car Insurance Company

Fortunately, I have not registered any claim to my insurance company till now. If you need to submit a claim, follow the steps that I mentioned below:

  • If you face a serious accident or if someone is wounded, notify the police.
  • Communicate contact information with any other parties or witnesses.
  • Obtain pertinent information from the other motorist, including the vehicle’s registration and insurance policy numbers.
  • If possible, take photographs of the damage.
  • As quickly as possible, complete your EU accident report and insurance claim forms.
  • Submit your insurance claim online or over the phone. Each company will have unique methods that they should disclose to you when you purchase a policy.

In the UK, car insurance claims can often be lodged up to three years after the occurrence, though this varies by provider. You can get information of all the details in your claim policy.


After reading my experience, I think you have got a fair idea about car insurance companies. I have shared every detail that I got to know while selecting the best automobile insurance company. I hope it gave all the necessary information that is required for you. Now, from the above choose the best car insurance company that fits your car.

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