Strange Cosmetic Surgeries

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After winning a lottery and winning a prize of several million euros, the old woman decided to completely change her face with the latest and most advanced cosmetic surgery methods.

The old woman’s cosmetic surgery rejuvenated her

The lucky winner in a big draw was an old woman who decided to work on rejuvenating her skin and face. Melissa, 57, went under a plastic surgery umbrella to change her face after winning a significant amount of money in a lottery. He surprised everyone, and of course he succeeded in doing so, because changing his face by removing the wrinkles on his face was unbelievable for everyone.

The woman received a prize of 4 million Euros, of which she spent 3,000 Euros to remove the skin on her face, and now, after removing the wrinkles on her face, it is her turn to remove this sign of aging on her neck, which will be done after the period prescribed by the doctor. .

She has also had her lips and cheeks filled with Botox for this spectacular change. “Melissa” uses completely new beauty methods to achieve her young and ideal face, so she has to pay more. . After the end of the skin-related surgeries, she intends to have rhinoplasty and fix the appearance problems of her teeth.

“This is just a part of my facial changes because it still remains part of my plastic surgery,” she said.

For some men and women, cosmetic surgery goes far beyond a rhinoplasty to the point where they completely change their face and limbs and make another human being.

The most bizarre cosmetic and plastic surgery

There are two groups of people interested in cosmetic surgery, those who go under the razor to repair and correct some of their appearance problems or become more beautiful, and the other group who want to completely change and create the strangest plastic surgeries.

Although doctors have repeatedly spoken of the negative consequences of these procedures, the interest in being seen and in the spotlight seems to have involved them to such an extent that they are willing to take any risk. In this report, we take a look at some of the world’s strangest practices that some have been willing to change.

Cosmetic surgery to the extent that we become animated!

We have heard many times about people who like to look like Barbie dolls, but this time a 19-year-old girl liked the look of Japanese cartoon characters with big eyes and was willing to do various actions to make her look like Be to them! He said he was satisfied with what he had done by posting photos of himself on social media.

Young Superman face and body cosmetic surgery

It’s not bad at all to want to be Superman; Superman is one of the world’s superpowers striving for a better life for humanity. The Filipino-born Chavez has loved Superman since he was a child, so he spent 18 years working to make him look like the superhero. He has undergone 23 surgeries and has become so similar to this character that he can now play in the movie instead of him!

Lord of the Rings cosmetic surgery until I am an elf!

If you’ve seen the Lord of the Rings movies, you probably know the elves, the legendary creatures with long white hair with long ears and faces who were living a mysterious life in the mountains. But Lewis, who was very interested in the family in the “Lord of the Rings” series of books and movies, spent $ 5,000 using fish cosmetics and makeup to look like them, but eventually decided to Spend $ 30,000 to make her face look like an elf, in which case she will no longer use any cosmetics. She has even injected chemicals into her body to make her hair grow white.

Cosmetic surgery to look like Michael Jackson

You probably remember Michael Jackson when it comes to cosmetic surgery, he changed his appearance completely years ago, but in 1992 Mickey Jay made himself look like Michael Jackson with several surgeries. It is interesting to know that in 2009 this woman met the real Michael Jackson!

Cosmetic surgery turns a woman into a Chinese doll!

Have you heard the name of Chinese dolls? The same cute and lovely dolls that are not good for children to play with, but as a decorative object in the house, they also look very useful. Ms. Chamo loved these Chinese dolls so much that she was willing to pay about $ 150,000 for each of her eyes to look like these decorations!

Of course, we all know that Chinese women like to look like Western women, but it makes a difference for someone to pretend to be a doll.

Artistic cosmetic surgery wants to be a Nazi!

The Character of Nazi’s in comic books are drawn without any nose. I think would probably prefer to only see them in the comic book as a picture and not in real life. However the artistic interest in being a Nazi is such that he is willing to get all his facial tattoos red. And he has to remove his nose with surgery and he wants to put implants in his forehead so that the skull is visible from the skin.

Kill very identical twins

The twins, even if they are not identical, usually dress similarly and behave similarly. Joe and Kerry were no exceptions to that. However when Joe decided to operate on her nose, she did not think that she wanted to look exactly like her sister! When their noses became similar, they changed their cheeks, eyes and lips. Both of them have undergone surgery many times to find the most similarity to their twin sister.

A full-fledged plastic man!

Rodrigo, an Argentine who lives in London and has inherited a large family, can live safely and undergo surgery. He has spent more than half a million dollars to have his whole face plasticized. Of course, he has not yet reached the ideal he wants, and there are things left to do, such as adjusting the colour of his eyes.

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