About Us

What is Zaaghi.com?

Zaaghi.com is basically a blog that writes about technology, health, fashion, food, business and anything trendy. Zaaghi was launched in early 2019, by me and my wife to inform general public of the latest trends in the respective fields. The name Zaaghi means Magpie in ancient Persian language. In ancient Persia these birds were known for transferring information/letters around, so that’s why we choose the name Zaaghi. Our goal is to create a user friendly website that provides informative trendy articles to public.


Who are we?

Zaaghi is primarily based on me and my wife who love to write interesting daily articles regarding various topics (e.g. health, technology, food etc..). We love to write and share knowledge about things that others also find interesting as us.

My hobby is to design and work with woods and metals using CNC machines. I have written various articles about woodworks for you guys. My wife’s hobby is to covers latest trend and news related to health and fitness and as you can see she has written tons of articles in this field.

My and my wife really hope that you guys enjoy our content as much as we enjoy writing them for you. If you have any questions regarding our content, please do not hesitate to write to us via our contact us page.


Thank you for your interest in our website.


Kind Regards,