To conquer that dream body you need discipline and a lot of willpower. A strategy to help you get there and not give up along the way is to have the help of a physical educator because, in addition to helping you to perform the exercises correctly, he also gives extra help in motivation. But, after all, how to choose the ideal personal trainer?

In recent years, interest in physical activity and healthy products has grown significantly. Therefore, the demand for trained professionals has increased more and more, as many practitioners of physical activities are not always able to achieve their goals alone.

Continue reading this post and find out what should be evaluated when choosing a personal trainer. Come on!

How to choose the ideal personal trainer?

Every year new physical trainers appear in the market and, added to what has been around for a long time, it is almost impossible to choose the personal trainer that best fits our style and that conveys confidence. Although there is a variety of certifications and qualifications, in order to differentiate this individual from other factors, they must also be analyzed when choosing a professional.

Training alone can pose numerous health risks. In many cases, hiring this service provider is essential to prevent injuries resulting from sports practice, such as a knee problem, for example. The physical educator’s role is to guide and help in the correct execution of the exercises, in addition to being a motivating agent in the search for more vitality, strength and endurance.

Another relevant factor when choosing your personal is to analyze your training methodology. Regardless of your goals, it is essential to know which exercises best fit your profile, in order to achieve the desired results faster.

What characteristics should be evaluated for decision making?

When it comes to our health, hiring a personal trainer can be a good investment, as they have the experience and knowledge to design a specific workout for your biotype.

Therefore, whatever the desired result, whether gaining muscle, losing weight, practising dances or all of them together, an instructor can help you in the best way possible with accurate monitoring.

Here are some characteristics that should be evaluated before hiring a personal trainer.


First of all, it is important to define the level of training of the physical educator. To exercise the profession of personal, it is necessary to have a degree in Physical Education and to have regular registration with the Regional Council of the state in which the service will be provided.

However, when opting for a personal, the ideal is that it is qualified and qualified, through graduation, specialization and training courses. Thus, it can serve people with disabilities to top athletes in different sports. All the acquired knowledge consists in making your client reach their goals healthily and definitively.

In addition, it is important to point out that more qualified professionals tend to charge a higher amount per hour/class. Use common sense: if you don’t have a high monthly amount to invest, look for one that has less experience so that you can pay without harming your finances.

Availability for service

Another feature that should be evaluated is available for service. One of the great benefits of hiring a private instructor is the availability to monitor your progress and the execution of the exercises closely. However, choosing the ideal partner who still has free time on the agenda ends up being a challenge for many people.

On the other hand, due to the difficulty of adapting to the opening hours, using websites or applications that offer the personal trainer online is a great strategy. If you search on the internet, it doesn’t need to be from the same city or neighbourhood to keep up with you: just have a computer or smartphone available.

Method used

As mentioned earlier, performing a movement incorrectly can cause serious damage to health. Therefore, the monitoring of activities is essential, which does not always happen correctly with the academies’ professors.

One of the main advantages of hiring a personal trainer is individuality in training. Each instructor has their own work methodology, motivation strategies, evaluation and monitoring of results, among other things. Therefore, before choosing, it is important to analyze whether the method he uses meets his objectives.


With the advancement of technology, the offer of online services is increasing. With the help of an application or website, it is possible to find professionals who develop their work virtually. To start, just fill in some basic information, such as goals with the exercises and your current measurements, and the person will provide an individualized training plan.

Support beyond training

It’s no use having numerous diplomas if the staff doesn’t give you support beyond training. An important feature when choosing the ideal instructor is to know if he offers a communication channel, either to clear up doubts about an exercise or to change your series. With this continuous and closer monitoring, it is possible to achieve better results in a more economical and personalized way.

In addition, good websites and applications provide their customers with tools to follow the evolution through tables and graphs, thus facilitating their communication with the personal trainer, which helps to improve the quality of customer service.

As usual, we come to the end of this text emphasizing the importance of choosing the ideal personal trainer, which is not only focused on results, but rather on the client’s health and quality of life. With that in mind, Personal Virtual, a company that is concerned with people’s well-being, offers a quick and practical follow-up by a nutritionist with a physical education teacher.