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Introduction of CNC device

What is a CNC device; in the past, billboards such as shop and store signs were originally calligraphy on wood and metal in the form of signs or glass writing. Please also keep in mind that back in the day the banner was fastened in a metal frame. Newer technology was the advent of LEDs, which created moving smooth high-light panels for our industry. However the high cost of production size limitations and more importantly the problems caused by the intense light of these panels at night are the reasons for the obsolescence of LED panels. Today, CNC panels have solved these problems well and by reflecting ambient light they have a special radiance along with their soft light. On the other hand CNC signs have given a modern and very beautiful look to the billboards, which can still be said to be unique and special.


Even though CNC routers do not have a long life in our country, but it has been able to find a good market for itself. The popularity of this device has been so great that you can see an example of CNC boards in almost every street. For this reason it can be boldly said that the sale and purchase of the CNC bending machine is an important part of the billboard market and if you also have a store, you will most likely soon start using the CNC letters and its lighting.

Use of CNC in advertisements

Advertising usually accounts for a large part of companies’ costs because the company’s income and profitability is to introduce and market that advertising has an important role in these two cases. More sales for each field and job


CNC typewriters are a new way of making billboards and even shop front signs. This machine turns CNC or aluminium sheets into letters of the alphabet or any other design by the bends it creates.


The CNC machine with high accuracy and special delicacy can create calculated bends that are formed by combining these bends of the alphabet and designs. Therefore, and due to this feature, industry owners can create a variety of boards with the help of the CNC typewriter and do their advertising in a better way. In addition to the attractiveness of the CNC machine in its production designs, it does not have a high price, and it is easy to use the CNC bending machine at reasonable prices, even for shops, and create beautiful signs.

Creative ideas of ​​using a CNC device!


In the past, embossed boards were made by flex cutting and large letters were formed, then they were illuminated using neon from inside these letters, but neon lighting has many problems and had a high cost for maintenance and energy supply. For this reason, this method soon became obsolete.

With the advent of the CNC machine and laser and CNC cutting machines, the variety of materials eventually led to the introduction of coloured LEDs. The use of embossed boards became really popular in 2010, because LEDs have lower lifespan and better light quality than other methods.


The CNC machine turned the advertising industry to use this technology, and even small workshops were interested in the CNC letters and the purchase of the CNC letter bending machine. CNC typewriters were faster, produced beautiful boards, were capable of producing various shapes, and even had enough light to shine; For this reason, the CNC typewriter easily entered the consumer market and took on more important roles.


Another important advantage of the CNC letter bending machine is its ability to be used in different environments. For example, if you have a small workshop, do not worry about your space limit for installing a CNC device. CNC bending machine is produced in different dimensions and can be purchased in any size and construction, but you must pay attention to the dimensions of the orders you intend to fulfil. On the other hand, the price of the CNC letter making machine is such that it does not require very high financial resources and has a more balanced price than other industrial machines.



How does a CNC device work?

Making CNC letters is not a very complicated mechanism and you can learn to work with CNC machine with a few simple exercises and training. Laser cutting machine or CNC cutting machine is one of the basic and required equipments for making CNC letters. In fact, the CNC typewriter and the laser cutting machine are not the same and must be used and purchased separately. CNC and aluminium parts prepared by the cutting machine, in the second stage, enter the machine for making CNC letters.


CNC typewriter is equipped with computer software that allows the user to enter information and the user can create the desired design in it. The dedicated software of CNC letter bending machine is very precise and allows you to make all kinds of letters with any elegance. This software also makes it very easy to control the device and do not require high skills to use the CNC typewriter.

Buy CNC bending machine


The CNC bending machine, like most industrial machines, has many options to consider when buying. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the coordination of the size of the typewriter and the volume of orders in your workshop. Matching the amount of device production per day and the number and volume of your orders can save you money and give you peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about order delays.


In other words, if you have very limited orders, you will not need to prepare the machine, but if your orders have a higher number and you have a better horizon in these orders, be sure to prepare the CNC bending machine.


The second thing you need to pay attention to when buying a CNC letter bending machine is the price of the machine according to your budget. The price of the CNC lettering machine depends on the peripheral equipment of the machine, its features as well as the additional equipment that comes with the machine. So when buying a CNC machine, pay attention to your expectations from the machine and its features, and choose the appropriate model of the CNC typewriter machine, taking into account your budget.


Factors such as the materials used to make the CNC letters, the type of CNC sign produced, as well as the lighting should also be considered in the process of purchasing the CNC letter bending machine. On the other hand, exchange rate changes can affect the price of the CNC typewriter, and when buying a CNC typewriter, pay attention to all these factors.

Price of CNC machine


After the arrival of the first generation of CNC machines in Iran, these machines had a high price, but the price of CNC machines today varies greatly according to the type of machine, the quality of the brand and the type of parts used. The type of service and services of the seller of the machine will also have a great impact on the price of the CNC typewriter machine. The more famous the machine with better quality and better service, the higher the price you have to pay.

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