The Persian Diva (Donya Jahanbakht)

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In this section, we review the story behind  Jahanbakht’s success, who is the most famous Instagram girl in Persia. It may seem strange to you, but Ms. Donya Jahanbakht became famous with a love failure! She claimed that she had an emotional relationship with a Los Angeles singer and suffered a trauma, the number of his followers increased unbelievably and he became one of the famous Iranian figures!

Who is the Donya Jahanbakht?

Donya Jahanbakht was born on in 12th of October 1989, in Tehran and educated until high school, Donya Jahanbakht was born into a poor family in south of Tehran and currently lives in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

How did Jahanbakht become famous?
The world does not have a special art, nor does it have such an education. Initially, she had a small presence in the fashion world and worked as a clothing and make-up artist, culminating in her fame when she expressed grief for her lost love (Sasy Mankan).


She released many videos and was quickly seen, the number of her followers strangely reached 3 million people and Ms. Jahanbakht became famous with a love failure! Of course, the Los Angeles singer (Sassi) had stated that he did not know this lady and did not know why he was behaving in this way.

Fake-Suicide of Jahanbakht Donya with a headscarf

In one of his videos, he was committing suicide with a headscarf, a video that was viewed millions of times and even reacted to by the local media. Jahanbakht Donya proceeded with the same strategy until everything became normal and the story of his love failure became a recurring theme.

The story of Jahanbakht and Ashkan Eshtiag

Donya Jahanbakht then sends a message to Ashkan Eshtiaq directly and expresses his love for him. Ashkan Eshtiaq also reacts quickly to this issue and publishes his messages on his page. Donya Jahanbakht’s name comes up again and he threatens Mr. Eshtiaq in another message. Ashkan Eshtiaq had said: I seek refuge in God from such people!

The relationship between Jahanbakht and Amir Tataloo

Recently, the news of Donya Jahanbakht’s relationship with Amir Tataloo was spread on social networks. The world had expressed interest in him, and Amir Tataloo had promised to reveal his relationship with the world.

Jahanbakht is blocked by Bahram Afshari

Donya Jahanbakht had criticized Bahram Afshari, the actor of Paytakht TV series, in a video. He said in a video: I went to Bahram Afshari’s Instagram page and found out that he had blocked me. What did I do? Why is everyone so mean to me? Bahram Afshari did not react to these cases. If you want to read Bahram Afshari’s biography, enter the word red.

Who is Jahanbakht Donya dating?

She is currently in an emotional relationship with Mehrad Jam who is also a singer that escaped from Iran. He is young singer who just got permitted by Iranian government to start his own concerts. However due to unknown reasons, he migrated from Iran to Turkey and due to legal reasons he can’t go back to Iran. If he does he will be arrested .

Jahanbakht’s relationship with Montigo?

Farshid Amir Shaghaghi, nicknamed Montigo, is the son of Sadollah Amir Shaghaghi, the head of the online betting mafia in Iran.

Farshid Amirshaghi, better known as Montigo, is a singer and sponsor of famous expatriate figures. He and his father have formed a large gang and operate from Tataloo to Amin Fardin, Donya Jahanbakht, Pouyan Mokhtari, Hossein Tahi, Sasha Sobhani and… under his and his father’s supervision. They pursue their goals by creating advertising space and image creation in virtual networks.

Jahanbakht Donya Instagram Page

He is the most popular Iranian on Instagram after Mahnaz Afshar. Jahanbakht has nearly 8.5 million followers so far, and this number is increasing day by day. He has shared more than 410 posts on his page so far. Jahanbakht Donya has also long been a member of the Montigo betting mafia.

How does she earn money?

Betting Sites! Majority of her income comes from Betting sites that she owns. She has her own betting casino site which was created by Montigo.

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