What are CNC boards and their use?

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CNC boards are embossed letter boards made of Plexiglas and aluminum alloy sheets with luminous backgrounds. Many businesses use these very modern lettering and graphics to introduce their brand and company. This is because this type of billboard has less beauty, resistance and vulnerability than other billboards. In addition, a great variety, beautiful lighting and a lot of creativity has made CNC billboards one of the most popular options for advertising. CNC boards, unlike old billboards such as banners, have an eye-catching beauty that attracts the viewer’s attention to its writing, lighting and graphics. As a result, the installation of CNC signs in high-traffic areas, roads, streets, highways and above the doors of shops has a great impact on attracting the audience.


CNC or CNC boards are a new generation of embossed letter boards that are made of Plexiglas surface and the edges of CNC, which is a kind of aluminum alloy with a light background. These embossed letters are very popular in terms of beauty, resistance and vulnerability compared to other letters in the signage and billboard industry.


CNC embossed boards are one of the main options for advertising due to their great variety, beautiful lighting and many creations that can be used for advertising. They use it to introduce their business.


In the past, billboards were made as a simple inscription on a banner that represented a business, and the same writing was used as headboards in shops and stores. But today, the production of CNC billboards is done using embossed letters with very modern lighting and graphics, which gives a special beauty to the billboards and makes people even fascinated for a few seconds and fade watching these short writings and the lighting and graphics of this Become billboards. One of these boards can be made of CNC billboards, which is the best type of billboards.


Therefore, the installation of billboards in places such as sidewalks, roads, streets, highways or the installation of billboards above the doors of shops can have a tremendous impact on the introduction of your products or services, and if in any business that operates You have not yet spent money on your advertising, you will certainly not be cut off and your business will not grow as it should.

What is a CNC Typewriter?

A typewriter, or bending and cutting machine, is a type of digital printing machine used to make advertising lettering. As one of the achievements of the printing industry, this machine has helped a lot to businesses and companies. Typewriters are divided into two groups: CNC typewriters and steel typewriters. In this article, we are going to give you more information about CNC typewriter. If you want to get information about CNC typewriter, how to buy CNC machine, the benefits of CNC machine and the price of CNC typewriter, ،, we suggest you read this article. Stay with us.

The old methods had very low speed, accuracy and finesse. With the advent of the CNC typewriters, significant advances were made in the printing and billboard industry. CNC typewriters have powerful engines and professional software that can produce all kinds of CNC typefaces in the ultimate in elegance and beauty. When these letters are placed next to each other in a billboard, the charm and beauty of the billboards is doubled. Also, the presence of Plexiglas sheets and LED lamps next to these embossed letters has increased the beauty and color variety of these paintings.

Advantages of using CNC typewriter

High speed: This device has a very high speed in making prominent signs compared to the old methods. It is enough to make the simple and basic settings of the device to deliver the panel to you in the shortest time.

  • Automation of the work process: This work can be produced without any operator.


  • High precision: All geometric and non-geometric shapes are cut and bent with very high precision.


How does the CNC typewriter work?


Using the typewriter or the same as the CNC machine, you can easily make the CNC letters on the billboards. The process of creating CNC billboards is done completely automatically. For this reason, they are also called automatic typewriters. To do this, you need 3 different machines, including CNC typewriter, laser cutting machine and cyanosis. To do this, just follow these steps:


Step 1: The first step is to design CNC letters with the help of a suitable software such as Corel DRAW, Free India or AutoCAD.


Step 2: Cut the desired design file with the help of a laser cutting machine.


Step 3: In this step, you shape the edge of the CNC with the help of a CNC device. Then assemble with Plexiglas as the procedure and design as the back body.

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